Part III of Fascinating Facts #51-68

51-  I know how to sail a small craft sailboat.

52-  My father was a police captain officer for a zillion years, and so was my brother.  They’re both currently retired from the force.

53-  I’m a magazine junkie.  But I never really get a chance to read them.  I do my reading in bed at night and I’m always in the middle of a novel.

54-  I don’t like puzzles.  Of any kind.

55-  I never saw Forest Gump.

56- I love receiving packages in the mail.  But I’m sure everyone does.

57-  My twins’ doctors usually ask me to call them by their first names, probably because we’re around the same age, or I’m older.  But I just can’t do it.

58-  I was born and raised 10 minutes outside of New York City.  I adore Manhattan!  Now I’m an hour away, I miss the easy access.

59-  Junk mail makes me insane.  My blood boils and I break out in a sweat with a tingling at the back of my neck when I open my mailbox and see those damned crap coupon flyers and other crap in there.  What’s worse, my mailbox is in an awkward place so oftentimes I drop the mail down into the hedges and it’s a whole thing to get them back out.  Grrrrrr.

60-  One of my favorite things to do is spend the day with my mom shopping in a mall that has a Nordstrom.  Have lunch and shop more.  But now my mom, being in her mid-70’s, runs out of energy after an hour.  I run out of money.

61-  I cringe when I see people walk around my carpet with shoes on.  I think it’s bizarre that people wear shoes in the house.  It just doesn’t make any sort of sense to me to walk around in animal doody, dirtbags’ spit, strangers’ shedded skin cells and then drag it into your home for your kids to put in their mouths.  Or you get it into your hair when you’re exercising and then it lands on your pillowcase when you go to bed- turn over on your tummy, and all that is now *in your* mouth.  I don’t like it one bit.

62-  My favorite vegetable is asparagus.  Second would be brussels’ sprouts.

63-  I don’t have a favorite color.   It all depends on the shade as to which item I will gravitate towards.  I tend to lean towards dark amethyst purples, aqua blues, blueish greens, deep reds, and rich pinks.  I hardly ever choose yellows, though I appreciate pale yellows for decorating purposes.  But for clothing, I almost always go for black.

64-  I love music and have a huge iTunes library as well as hundreds of CDs in my freezer in the basement (freezer is not plugged in).  But never anything in the mainstream top 40.

65-  Dogs.  The best dog ever was my guy Murphy, who was a Brittany and died in 2004 at age 15.  My current dog is a 6 m/o puppy  that’s half Puggle, half Wire Fox Terrier and his name is Gomez.  I’m still learning to love him.  It’s a challenge.

66-  My eyes are extremely sensitive to light.  I prefer to wear sunglasses that are polarized.  I think once you wear these you can never go back to non-polarized.

67-  I was addicted to Afrin nasal spray for about 4 years.  There’s an episode on King of Queens where Carrie’s father slips back into his nasal spray habit junky-style.  That is really how it was for me too:

68-  I’ve loved photography since I was a kid.  I took several classes in college (before digital).   That doesn’t mean I’m any good though.  But I do take photos every single day.

Crap, I have to run, my mom is here to go shopping!  I have to cut this short and finish tonight.  Thanks for reading!

Love Ms. Crabass xoxoxoxoxoxoxo!


Do you find yourself passing notes behind your children’s backs too?

, originally uploaded by TwinTransfusion.

Here’s an example. I had to laugh at my pile of notes I get from my husband about suggestions for family outings…because you know if someone hears “the playground” and you have plans otherwise, you’re going to hear some whining. So this is how we avoid that whining crap.

If you don’t do this, it’s certainly a must-try.

Love Ms. Crabass

Part II of 100 Fascinating Facts #26-50

26-  I refuse to eat krinkle-style potato chips and I don’t understand why they would be crinkled.  I might as well add my few food dislikes here as well.  Celery, basil, spaghetti & lasagna.

27-   I wear contact lenses 99% of the time because I don’t feel comfortable in glasses without the peripheral vision.

28-   I prefer keeping my nails very short at all times.  I prefer that for everyone else too.  Seeing long nails sort of gives me the heebie-jeebies and I’m not sure why.

29-  Although I’m an atheist, I collect Catholic art.  I have approximately 100 Virgin Mary statues anywhere from the small plastic dashboard Marys to large ornamental lawn statues.  I also have a huge box of rosaries.  Please don’t tell me it’s because I’m seeking faith because that is not it.

30-  I have several body parts pierced but haven’t worn jewelry in these places since 2002 when I became pregnant for the first time.   And I’m not interested in wearing any now.  I’m down to just wearing necklaces, perhaps a bracelet.

31-  I love anthropomorphic animals & fruit …it’s just always funny.

32-  I failed basic math in college three times in a row.

33-  I used to dance competitively:  ballet, tap & jazz.  But my biggest love was tap.  I can still tap dance.

34-  On road trips I’ll buy Corn Nuts, Bugels or Andy Capp’s Hot Fries as my drug store/rest stop junk food.  Which, unfortunately  is very rare these days.  (See #35)

35-  I haven’t taken a vacation since 2004.  My twins were still hospitalized so I took a 4-day trip to Florida to see my in-laws.  Had a great time swimming in the Gulf and one of the best night’s sleep in my entire life in a motel in Destin.

36-  I was married once before when I was 21 up until I was 27.  We dated for 3 years before marrying.  It was a friendly-divorce and my ex and I still keep in touch.  He just wasn’t the raising a family, buying a home type-of-guy.  I wasn’t really looking for those things at 21.

37-  I have an extremely irrational fear of spiders and I would do (almost) anything to get over it.  One tiny spider can ruin my entire evening.

38-   I haven’t been able to drink alcohol in years.  I tried drinking a beer here and there but immediately became ill.  I don’t really miss it much especially since I’ve been drinking my greens (see #39)

39-  Every single day for the past 14 months I’ve been drinking copious amounts of dark green leafy vegetables with at least one fruit and a cup of water or milk, plus some sort of seed or nuts.  Not only haven’t I been sick once (um, minus a stomach virus last March) I’ve never felt emotionally better in my adult life.  As per my pen name, Ms. Crabass, I’m normally very irritable.  I couldn’t stand the unpredictability of my moods every day!  Now, I’m a delight to be around, so I hear from my mom and my friends.  Because of the life I live with two chronically ill children, I just couldn’t go on doing with those moods.  Now all I need to do is find time to work-out on a steady basis.

40-  My go-to comfort foods:  1) goat cheese with wheat crackers.  2)  a toasted everything bagel with butter, sprinkled with garlic  granules, then cream cheese.  3)  garlic bagel toasted with lox, cream cheese and thinly-sliced red onion.

41-  I can’t stand seeing people on fast food commercials bite into their food.  I can almost see an invisible string of saliva.

42-  I love watching snow from the INSIDE of my home.  I’m not a winter person in the least.

43-  This is a sad one…I’ve heard the crying screams of mothers who’ve found out their child has died.  I can never get that out of my head.  I’ve also been on the very brink of those cries myself.  I’d been told my son will die, there was nothing more they can do.  He’s still here 8 years later after much begging and pleading.

44-  I’m a night person but I can’t stay up late since having kids.  I wake every morning grumpy for the first 5 minutes even when I go to bed very early.

45-  I’ve never broken a bone.  But once, in 1994 I fractured a rib from a severe case of bronchitis that was exacerbated by smoking too many clove cigarettes.  Really?  Clove cigarettes?  What was I thinking!  It was so Goth.

46-  I love going to airports and I love flying.

47-  I don’t curse (out loud).  I have to be really angry to swear.

48-  My favorite scents are salt air, coconut, patchouli (in candle form), vanilla & coffee.  …oh, and my kids’ heads.

49-  I’m obsessed with perfect eyebrows.  My own are so light blonde that they must be penciled in before I leave the house.  If I don’t pencil them in I look sickly   (yeah, someone at work once told me this).  So I’m fascinated by people who have perfectly plucked brows.   Brows make a face to me.

50-  I love pug noses and freckle-faces.

100 Fascinating Facts About Ms. Crabass: Part I (1-25)

I’m pretending there wasn’t over a month break between my last two posts.  I have been blogging, just not publishing it.

So not that more than 3 people will read this list I’ve written, it’ll be nice to see who might have things in common with me.   Plus I love lists.

1-  I can’t stand the thought or sight of cinnamon-raisin bagels and get annoyed when I see people eat them.  I think they’re just being spiteful.  I even started a Facebook group called People Against Cinnamon Raisin Bagels: Grrr …that has 26 right-on members.

2-  I can whistle really, really loud with my thumb and index fingers. People don’t like it.

3-  I’ve never sang karaoke. I watched it done twice though.

4-  I’m a nap-taker. If it’s possible, I will take the opportunity to nap.

5-  I’m the world’s best parallel parker.  I can squeeze into a spot the same size of my car in one try.

6-  I’m an atheist.  I have a brother who’s atheist as well.  The rest of our family thinks we’ll come around one day.  I haven’t in 4 decades, he hasn’t in 5 decades. Live, and let live.

7-  I LOVE men who sit legs crossed at the knees as opposed to ankle over knee (“like a girl”).  I LOVE it.  It’s one of those things I notice first. Second is their shoes.

8-  I have older parents for my age group.  Growing up, my friends had parents the same age as my oldest brother.

9-  I’m drawn to eccentric/oddball people but even more so to kind people.  But that regular kind person must be funny.

10-  I’m semi-ambidextrous.  I write with my right hand but use my left for any other activity with a need for accuracy such as using scissors or shooting a bow & arrow or a rifle.  Not that I know about the last two.

11-  I love hydrangeas. But I not a great gardener.

12-  I want a real German Black Forest Cuckoo Clock.

13-  I have adult braces on my lower set of teeth right now.  I also had a full set when I was 10.

14-  When I was about 11 my father caught my best friend and me dissecting a sunfish and was furious, I had no idea why.  He said I needed to see a psychiatrist.  I didn’t know what that meant.

15-  I love office supplies and a lot of pens but really have no use for them.

16-  I’m the youngest of 4 children and the only girl.

17-  99% of the time I’m late.  It’s a bad trait that I’ve struggled with for years.

18-  I can’t stand having my belly button touched…even my me.

19-  I could live on sushi every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

20-  I’m very into salt.  Preferably sea salt- it’s saltier and doesn’t have an aftertaste.

21- My favorite snack food is popcorn cooked on the stovetop in my special pot used only for popcorn, although it’s just a regular old sauce pot.

22-  My zodiac sign is Aquarius.  And even though I don’t believe in horoscopes, Aquarians are the most awesome.

23-  In 2005 I broke a tooth on a Wheat Thins cracker.  I left it split in two for two more years.  It was one of two teeth with cavities, and later a root canal.  So another thing about me would be that I have only two cavities.

24-  I have very hyper-extended elbows.  They bend all sorts of directions.  It’s fun at parties and with children.  But then in 1997 I injured my right elbow and now it isn’t nearly as fun as my left.

25-  I live 6 blocks from the Atlantic Ocean.

To be continued…

Love Ms. Crabass

This is how deep my love is…

A very special slide show…I’m not big into these things, especially with sentimental music- but I ended up really liking it with the perfect song.

My 5 year-old couldn’t finish watching it because “…those fun times will never ever happen again, and that’s sad!!!”.  So I explained that’s what cameras are for- capturing these beautiful times to savor later on.


Thanks for watching!


Love Ms. Crabass

Time suck…

I can’t believe how much time kindergarten would suck from me. What a bad time to try to begin a blog. Add a puppy to the mix and the planning of the twins’ 8th birthday party (in which it rained!), and everything’s pretty much turned upside-down from my *already* upside-down life.
Good thing is I had some time spurts to jot down some ideas for posts I’ve been wanting to do. I haven’t even had time to check Facebook on a regular basis as well as my trach parents’ support forum, which was once my second home.

I use my iTouch to check up on my friends’ Facebook, blogs, Twitter and forum accounts but I just don’t have the patience right now to learn to type with that thing.

For the time being, here are a few pics from the twins’ birthday party. My brother was his usual awesome self and knew to bring his party tent which he and my nephew showed up in the early am to install. Otherwise, it would have been a rather muddy mess.

So I took on baking Rainbow Cupcakes because I wanted to give myself extra stress for the sake of everyone biting into a beautiful happy rainbow.  But everyone was pleased and some were even fascinated.  Rainbow Cupcakes

I set up a table with two MoonSand kits and they kept the little kids busy most of the time. What a great idea it was!

My family and Milo (right) wondering why he has to sit in front of cupcakes if he can’t eat them…or rather, has no interest in eating them.

I spent 15 minutes on this Facebook meme, I’m using it as a blog post!

And if you know a lot about music you’ll probably figure out how old I am right away.

15 Albums

The rules: Don’t take too long to think about it -choose fifteen albums you’ve heard that will always stick with you. List the first fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes. Tag fifteen friends, including me, because I’m interested in seeing what albums my friends choose. To do this, go to your Notes tab on your profile page, paste rules in a new note, make your fifteen picks, and tag those friends you want to hear back from.

1- Blondie- Parallel Lines (my dad bought this for me on one of our Tuesday night trips to Two Guys in Garfield, NJ, my first LP ever, I was 8 years-old)
2- B-52s- B-52s (we had this on 8-track growing up and my friend Dianne and I would dance to it around our lake cabin and it would skip tracks and drive me nuts, and I later played it often in ’89 when Cosmic Thing came out)
3- Catherine Wheel- Ferment (listened to on repeat on a long plane trip, and every day that year, and more)
4- Dead Can Dance- Aion (my friend Kelly and our friendship & our love for DCD)
5- Descendants- I Don’t Want To Grow Up (went on a 2 week vacation and it was accidentally the only tape we brought to listen to the entire time)
6- Live- Throwing Copper (transitional period of life)
7- The Cult- Love (another transitional period)
8- Siouxsie & The Banshees Hyaena (this one too was transitional)
9- The Cure- Disintegration (came out when I started going to a lot of cool shows and clubs, we were all obsessed with this album)
10- Muse- Origin of Symmetry (just a trying time as well as a long drive to a sad funeral)
11- The Smiths – Meat is Murder (though not my fav)
12- Duran Duran -Rio -(when life was easy!)
13- Misfits- Walk Among Us
14- Nirvana- Nevermind
15- 10,000 Maniacs- In My Tribe

Sorry my descriptions got more brief, I ran out of time!

This is me, performing the Rubik’s Cube at above-mentioned lake house, except this was about 1998.

Love Ms. Crabass